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Dancefloor Light 

Examples : 

Video 1

What is Dancefloor Lighting? 

Dance floor lighting is Colors and images flashing on and off during the dancing part of the evening. You see them all the time in clubs, bars, and lounges. They can really add some excitement to the dancefloor and really emphasize the energy of the room. There are a variety of dancefloor lighting options. You have a very simple version of dacenfloor lights that throw only colors in a sequence pattern like red, yellow, blue, green , red yello, blue, green. You get the idea . Those are gonna be your most cheapest and affordable type of dancefloor lighting and for most small backyard, clubhouse, house party type events this is honestly fine.  Some examples of those lights you can see in the images to the left 1 & 2 and video 1 ,

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